Johnny G Junior's NoteBook Treasures: 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MotionBuilder: Camera Transitions in Story.

Here is a Video Tutorial :) of how to transition one camera into another in Motionbuilder. How to preview it in Story and what issues you may run into.

MotionBuilder: Camera Transitions in Story. from Johnny G Junior on Vimeo.

There is no audio on this video so don't go punching your speakers to work. i wont be responsible.

Monday, March 8, 2010

phpMYSQL database Backup

How to backup you phpmysql database

Select the table you want to backup

1. Click Export
2. Click all the tables you want to backup.
3. Make sure MYSQL is check
4. Check the Save file as Box
5. Hit GO

Monday, February 15, 2010

Loading XML and Making sense of it.

Using the XML template above, i wrote a code to just TEST the results from the XML Document.

 ///// FLASH CODE testing images.xml doc  
 var xmlData:XML = new XML(); ///// Create New Variable called xmlData  
 xmlData.load("images.xml"); //// load xml file  
 xmlData.ignoreWhite = true; /// ignore them white spaces  
 xmlData.onLoad = function(Success){ //// on load do this function  
 if (Success) {  
 xmlNode = this.firstChild;  
 Value1 = xmlNode.childNodes[0].attributes.value1; //// call the 1st Child's attribute called value 1  
 Value2 = xmlNode.childNodes[0].attributes.value2; //// call the 1st Child's attribute called value 2  
 Name = xmlNode.childNodes[0].firstChild; /// call child nodes first child.  
 trace (Name); /// show value of Name  
 trace (Value1); //// show value of Value1  
 trace (Value2); ///// show value of Value2  
 } else {  
 trace ("This file did not load");  
 } //// close if/else statement  
 } /// close function block  

and if you are looking for some kind of image to load. you will need it to load in a movieClip. For example:

 /// container being the movieclips instance name  
 /// loadMovie(Value1... Value1 being the variable carrying the location of the image from the xml document  
 /// loadMovie(Value1,1); 1 being the Level (NOT LAYER) it should be on.  

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wireframe Rendering on material

In this lesson, i have a teapot with a clay texture applied. I want to render out a wireframe ontop of my clay texture... and this is how to do it.

1. Open the materials editor and lets add a new texture. NOTE: My main clay texture is already created. Find an empty slot and click on standard to change textures

2. Choose "Composite". This material will let you composite more materials ontop of other materials.

3. Drag your main Material to the Base material Slot.

4. Choose instance so that any changes we make to the Main Material will reflect on the Base slot.

5. Select Mat. 1 and lets add a new material to that slot. This will be our wire frame.

6. Add a standard material.

7. Click Wire and under Extended Parameters, you can adjust the line thickness. You will also see a preview of the material with the wire on it.

8. Apply the new Composited Material on the object.

9. Render and Check it out.