Johnny G Junior's NoteBook Treasures: October 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Using Namespace in MotionBuilder to add or subtract Name

1. Under Navigator: Right Click the element you want to add namespace infront of and go to ADD/REMOVE NAMESPACE....

If you want to do a group, right click and SELECT BRANCHES first, then go to the option you want.

2. Add or Remove Namespace


Example: Maya adds Namespace to files you are REFERENCING. This feature makes it possible to change your animation to a file that requires namespacing.

Import/export FBX MotionBuilder (Mobu) to Maya with FullBody Ik: FBKI

There are a few steps in this that are crucial to make this work.

1. Maya 2009 Export Model with FBIK
IMPORTANT: Make sure Character Definitions are checked so we can transfer the Fullbody IK (FBIK) to Mobu. If you dont see this option, click the + sign next to the word ANIMATION.

2. Open up Mobu and go to File FBX IMPORT to bring in the model.

3. You will know if this is working correctly if under Character, you see the Rig.

4. Load animation. You can do this 2 ways. You can use Story to import your animation (add character animation track and use dropdown to point to rig), or go to Load Animation under your character controls.
IMPORTANT: whichever way you choose to load animation, you need to plot the animation onto the CONTROL RIG ONLY.

5. Save file (DO NOT PLOT TO SKELETON) and Re-import into Maya. Make sure Character Definitions are check and Bake animation to layers.


Working with multiple cameras in MotionBuilder (MoBu)

Setting up camera's in motionbuilder is pretty straight forward, but how do you setup multiply Cameras and have them switch in realtime.

1. Add a camera by going to: Asset Elements and drag the Camera icon into the viewer window.

Place camera in your desired position

2. Again, bring in another camera by clicking and dragging into your viewer.

3. Open up your story tab on your navigator and ALT Drag a camera into the Shot Track

In the shot track, you can set the duration by grabbing the begining or end of the icon and trim it in.

4. Do the same thing with the second camera.

5. Once you have your duration for each camera, Just turn your view to the CAMERA SWITCH under VIEW on the viewer.. or press ctrl-I. this will use your Shot track to cut between camera.

This will work for animated camera. Thats just what it is there for. Simple Notes my friends.