Johnny G Junior's NoteBook Treasures: July 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Rendering Effects in Flash

Having a filter on a symbol is pretty simple in flash. They are all in the filters tab on the properties panel.

"but, i cant use filters on a graphic." well then DON'T! its as simple as that.

if you are doing a project that you are animating and need to use a filter in flash, make the symbol a BUTTON and animate using that sybmol. This will give you the ability to use filters AND the ability to render the clip out using seq images or an movie file.

*nooooooooooooooteeeee and thats a big (NOTE!)

If you put that button in a graphic, it may not render out. it may disappear.
if it does...
((((put the buttons on the main timeline to work.))))


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trouble with Golive and Firefox. EXPLOSIONS !!!**@

You just assembled your webpage in Golive using a grid as a base.. YOU LOVE IT. Completo...!!!

now its time to test it out online. Explorer works GREAT!!! now lets check fire fox.... NOOOOOOOOOOO

What is the deal?
Well for some reason FireFox is reading your grid as a table and your table is all jacked up. A way around this is simple.

in Golive CS2:
Right click your grid and CONVERT TO CSS BASED GRID.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Import Seq. images?

I rendered out a seq images (image01.jpg, image02.jpg, image03.jpg. how do i import it so it goes on the timeline keyframe at a time.????

Magic could do it. but also this trick.

1. File
2. Import to STAGE.
3. click on the 1st file in the seq then import.
4. a prompt will come up saying it s seq. click ok.
5. SMile and take a swig of your drink.
6. nothing more... thats it. you're done.

Flash will not recognize a seq if you import it into the library first. Sorry.